This 4th-generation, Chicagoland based musician is proud to say that he gets his inspiration for music two different ways: there is something within that he just has to get out, and external situations that spark a creative moment. Capturing an idea in words is Al’s first love, and to Al, ideas are always set to music.


Al’s music background started early. Growing up in Glenview, Illinois, he couldn’t tie his own shoes at five years old, but he could bang away on the drums for hours. With close family and relatives having much musical talent, it would have been difficult to escape it even if he wanted to. Al received his first set of drums when he was in second grade. Marcy recalls, “My parents gave me my first drum set for the holiday. It was nothing more than a collection of parts and pieces from several old sets, but it was great! My parents made it extra special by personalizing it – they glued my name and picture to the front of the bass drum, and for a second grader, it doesn’t get any more exciting than that!” During high school and college, Al’s musicianship grew by leaps and bounds due to the sheer time he was playing with all the various school bands, playing in hobby bands with his friends, and jobbing professionally most weekends.

It was really during his college years that Al’s creative juices started flowing. Rarely without a recorder, Al began his venture into the world of songwriting. Experimentation and trial and error led this young music maker to record his first collection of songs in a small, home studio. That first album led to more and more songwriting, singing and playing drums on his songs, and eventually being a published artist through Black Rose Records, BMG Worldwide and most recently being a featured artist on JogTunes. When asked what aspect of his music he is most proud of, Al is quick to point out his versatility of music styles. This is very apparent on his album “Feel This Way” released in 2014.

In 2015, Al completed his "Industrial Rhythm & Groove" album which ventured more into the "instrumental rock" side of his music, full of high-energy and funk.

Fast forward to 2021, and a new album is on its way - "Playin' With Sound".  A variety of instrumental rock and avant-garde songs span the breadth of his fun creativity.  Look for the release on 11/19/21!!!